Prepare yourself for a job in Sweden

Have you worked before moving to Sweden and would like to know how you can use your experience here?

Then do a self-assessment of what you are able to do in your vocation and what tasks you have had. In this way, you can gain a picture of what is required for this vocation here in Sweden.

You do this self-assessment by filling in a form which is associated with your vocation in the Swedish labour market. By evaluating your experience, you and Arbetsförmedlingen can together find out how long it might take you to prepare yourself for work in your vocation. It will also be clearer whether you need to supplement your knowledge and experience. You might need guidance, training, a work experience placement or to have your experience evaluated.

All your knowledge and experience from another country than Sweden are considered. In an evaluation, your earlier experience in a vocation is compared with similar work in Sweden.

You fill in the form yourself and assess your personal characteristics and experience.

If you need help, you can call Arbetsförmedlingen at 0771-416 416.


Self-assessment forms


Construction and maintenance of outdoor environment
(Anläggning och skötsel av utemiljö)

Construction/building worker(Anläggningsarbetare)

Building and construction
(Bygg och anläggning)

CNC and workshop
(CNC och verkstad)

Electrical line installer and repairer

The real estate sector(Fastighetsbranschen)

Sales and retail seller
(Försäljning och butikssäljare)




Conference hotel

Culture media - Art and design
(Kultur media - Bild och form)

Culture media - Text and media, film
(Kultur media - Ord och media, film)

Culture media - Music and drama
(Kultur media - Scen och ton)

Animal husbandry
(Lantbruk djurvård)

Machinery operator
(Lantbruk maskinförare)



Machine and crane operators
(Maskin- och kranförare)

The motor vehicle sector




Waiting staff

The forestry industry(Skogsbranschen)

Butcher and meat cutters
(Slaktare och styckare)


Wood industry worker


Professional driver: bus and lorry
(Yrkesförare: buss och lastbil)

Industrial pipe fitter
(VVS Industrimontör)

Insulation installer for heating, ventilation and sanitation
(VVS Isolerare)

Heating, ventilation and sanitation fitter
(VVS Montör)

Care and welfare
(Vård och omsorg)