Welcome to Arbetsförmedlingen

Arbetsförmedlingen can be reached most easily on-line

Our website address is arbetsformedlingen.se. Here jobseekers will find available vacancies and employers can advertise vacancies. This information is available to all, 24 hours a day.

Contact by telephone 0771-416 416

You can also call us. We provide a telephone service and give you the opportunity to speak to an adviser. We are available to all, and our lines are open on weekdays from 8 am to 8 pm, and Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am to 4 pm.

Visit us in most locations

If you can't find the information you need on-line, or if you are without work and are looking for work, visit your local arbetsförmedling.

About us

Information about Arbetsförmedlingen is available in English and Swedish. Here you will find links that will take you to the annual report, contact information with addresses, and information about what we do, the organisation, management and international partnerships.

About us


Information about work, working conditions and living conditions in Sweden and in other countries in the EU/EEA for job-seekers and employers is available in English and several other languages through Eures.


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More information

Welcome to Arbetsförmedlingen
(Välkommen till Arbetsförmedlingen)

Benefits from a-kassan
(Ersättning från a-kassan)

Activity reports

Trainee jobs
(Faktablad - Traineejobb)

Work Introduction
(Faktablad - Introduktion till arbete)

Education contract
(Faktablad - Utbildningskontrakt)

Find out about your working ability - try out work tasks under supervision
(Faktablad - Aktivitetsbaserad utredning)

Special employment subsidy
(Faktablad - Extratjänst)

Support and Matching – more support in your job search
(Faktablad - Stöd och matchning - more support in your job matching)

Vocational introduction employment
(Faktablad - Yrkesintroduktionsanställning)

Activity support and development benefits
(Faktablad - Aktivitetsstöd och utvecklingsersättning)

Supported work experience with a supervisor
(Faktablad - Arbetsträning med handledare)

Practical foundation year
(Faktablad - Praktiskt basår)

Special Recruitment Incentive in the shape of Entry Recruitment Incentive
(Faktablad - Särskilt anställningsstöd i form av instegsjobb)

New start jobs/Special new start jobs
(Faktablad - Nystartsjobb)

Wage-subsidised employment
(Faktablad - Lönebidrag)

Sheltered employment with a public sector employer
(Faktablad - Skyddat arbete hos offentlig arbetsgivare - OSA)

Special recruitment incentive
(Faktablad - Särskilt anställningsstöd)

Security employment
(Faktablad - Trygghetsanställning)

Development employment
(Faktablad - Utvecklingsanställning)

Work-related social investigation
(Faktablad - Arbetssocial utredning)

Arbetsförmedlingen´s records
(Faktablad - Arbetsförmedlingens register)

Working for Samhall
(Faktablad - Arbeta inom Samhall)

Compensation for travel, accommodation and an accompanying person
(Faktablad - Ersättning för resor, logi och ledsagare)

Subsidy for aids for the workplace
information to job seekers
information to employers
Faktablad - Bidrag till hjälpmedel på arbetsplatsen)

Job experience
(Faktablad - Praktik)

Job and Development Programme
(Faktablad - Jobb- och utvecklingsgarantin)

Educational opportunities for participants in the Job and Development Programme
(Faktablad om utbildnings-möjligheter för dig som deltar i jobb- och utvecklingsgarantin)

Youth Job Programme
(Faktablad - Jobbgaranti för ungdomar)

Support while starting a business
(Faktablad - Stöd vid start av näringsverksamhet)

The responsibilities of the employer/service provider for the working environment
(Faktablad - Arbetsgivarens/anordnarens arbetsmiljöansvar)

Labour market training programme
(Faktablad - Arbetsmarknadsutbildning

Special introduction and follow up support
(Faktablad - Särskilt introduktions- och uppföljningsstöd, SIUS)

Support for a personal assistant
(Faktablad - Stöd till personligt biträde)

Establishing yourself and working in Sweden
(För asylsökande - Etablering och arbete i Sverige)

Young persons with a functional impairment
(Faktablad - Unga med funktionsnedsättning)

Do you need support to be able to take part in Arbetsförmedlingen’s activities?(Stöd till funktionshindrade att kunna delta i Arbetsförmedlingens aktiviteter)

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