Activity reports

If you are registered as a jobseeker with Arbetsförmedlingen, you have to hand in activity reports to us. In them, you should give details of everything you have done in the previous month to gain or get closer to employment. With the activity reports, we can give you better support in your jobseeking.

How to fill in your activity report

Keep track of your job-seeking activities

The more active you are in your jobseeking, the better your chances of gaining employment. The activity reports help you to keep track of how your jobseeking is going. For the Employment Officer, the activity reports provide material helping him/her to give you the appropriate support.

When you and the Employment Officer are in contact, you can use your time to talk about the results of your activities, and check what support you need. The activity reports will, in conjunction with your action plan or introduction plan, constitute material to help you plan how you can gain employment.