About Arbetsförmedlingen

Arbetsförmedlingen is Sweden's Public Employment Agency. We provide employment services to both jobseekers and employers, prioritising those who are furthest removed from the labour market.

Arbetsförmedlingen in brief

Our mission is to contribute to a well-functioning labour market for jobseekers and for employers. This means helping jobseekers to find suitable jobs and employers to find employees with the skills and experiences they need to prosper.

We promote the quick and efficient introduction of newly arrived immigrants in the labour market. Together with Försäkringskassan we work with employment rehabilitation for people with disabilities, to ease their way into the job market. And we also work with local authorities across the country to reduce the rates of youth unemployment locally.

Arbetsförmedlingen has 280 local employment offices, organised into 10 market areas spanning across the whole country. Among our 14,000 employees, the list of professions is long: psychologists, system developers, operating technicians, human resources specialists, information officers, business controllers, statisticians, researchers, lawyers, occupational therapists and janitors. And about 11,000 employment officers.

Of our employees, 67 percent are women and 33 percent are men. The average age is 47. We work actively with equality, diversity and equal opportunities for all. We have zero tolerance for all forms of discrimination.

As part of our long-term goals we are currently undergoing an organisation-wide overhaul, to modernise and improve the state of our agency to better meet our customers' needs.

Arbetsförmedlingen is led by Director General Mikael Sjöberg and the head office is located in Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden.


Our mission, powers and obligations are decided by the Swedish Parliament and Government. Arbetsförmedlingen’s remit is detailed in Ordinance (2007:1030) with instructions for Arbetsförmedlingen.

We are responsible for public employment placement and our own labour market policy activities. We work to improve the way the labour market operates by:

  • effectively uniting those seeking work with those seeking worker
  • prioritising those who are furthest removed from the labour market
  • helping to permanently raise long-term employment level

In addition, we:

  • ensure that the unemployment insurance serves as conversion insurance
  • hire complementary stakeholders to quickly and efficiently get jobseekers into work
  • actively collect information regarding vacant positions
  • analyse, monitor and evaluate how our activities and labour market policy measures are affecting the way the labour market works
  • make assessments as to the situation in the labour market
  • assist the authorities and others engaged in monitoring and evaluating this field and, in co-operation with the relevant parties, ensure that erroneous payments are not made and combat benefit fraud
  • have an overall sectoral responsibility for disability issues within labour market policy
  • have a special responsibility for initiatives to promote the quick and efficient introduction of newly arrived immigrants in the labour market.
  • ensure the fulfilment of Sweden’s remit with regard to the central labour market authority’s and special agencies’ requirements pertaining to the freedom of movement of labour within the EU.

Priorities for 2017

Our appropriation directions for 2017 set out the following objectives:

  • Better matching within the labour market.
  • Reduction in youth unemployment.
  • Prevent and counteract-long term unemployment.
  • Harness the potential of the newly immigrated share our workforce, and increase the introduction of newly arrived immigrants in the labour market
  • Increased share of disabled people who enter the workforce or higher education.
  • Increased share of unemployed people without complete A-levels in education.