About Arbetsförmedlingen

Arbetsförmedlingen, Sweden's Public Employment Agency, has 280 local employment offices, organised under 10 market areas spanning across the whole country. Arbetsförmedlingen is led by Director General Mikael Sjöberg and the head office is located in Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden.

Our mission, long-term objectives and tasks are given to Arbetsförmedlingen by the Swedish Parliament and the Government. Our overall goal is to facilitate matching between jobseekers and employers, with special priority given to jobseekers that, for various reasons, experience extra challenges in being able to find employment. It is also our responsibility to ensure that unemployment insurance scheme is effectively used as a transition insurance between jobs.

Arbetsförmedlingen has a coordinating responsibility for labour market integration for certain newly arriving immigrants. The task is to give these newly arriving individuals the support they need in order to learn Swedish, find work and become self sufficient as quickly as possible.

Arbetsförmedlingen’s tasks also include vocational rehabilitation, in collaboration with Försäkringskassan, the Swedish Social Insurance Agency. This aims to help individuals with limited work capacity due to disability or illness to be able to start to work again.


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