Report activites

You must submit an activity report every month. This is important for you to be able to receive the right support on your way to a job or education and to be able to receive your introduction benefit.

How to report activities

Who must submit a report?

If you are participating in the introduction programme and have drawn up your plan together with us, you must report what activities you have taken part in and what jobs you have applied for.

What you need to report

You must report what jobs you have applied for and what other activities you have carried out to get a job. You must report both activities that are included in your plan and also other activities that are relevant. Here are a few examples of what your activity report can contain:

  • Swedish for immigrants (sfi)
  • social orientation
  • work experience placements you have applied for or had
  • labour market programmes
  • jobs or education you have applied for
  • job interviews and recruitment meetings you have attended.

How to submit a report

You report your activities most simply on our website. To do so you must log in using electronic identification (e.g. Mobile BankID). When you are logged in you can:

  • add activities during the month and save the information so that you do not forget any activity
  • submit your report
  • see previous reports that you submitted
  • see suggestions for jobs to apply for that you have received.
  • If you do not have a computer of your own or a smartphone, you can visit us and use one of our computers.
  • If you do not have electronic identification, make your report using a paper form. You can get the form at one of our offices.
  • Remember that you cannot submit your report by phoning or e-mailing us.

When to submit your report?

You submit your activity report to us after the end of every month. You are to submit your activity report at the earliest on the 1st and at the latest on the 14th of every month. 

Example: Between 1 and 14 October you submit your report for the month of September.