Your plan is your path to work or education

When your assessment is complete, the next step is to draw up your plan.

How we draw up a plan for you 

You draw up your plan together with us. We look at what activities you need to do to come closer to the labour market. You can for example study Swedish or social orientation or be assigned a work experience placement.

Your plan is adapted to your needs and your experience. And what jobs are available in Sweden. To make a good plan, it is important that you take part in drawing it up.

The plan follows your development

We give you encouragement and guidance on your way to getting a job. We support you and update your plan as you make progress. 

Simpler to apply for jobs

The plan will make it easier to apply for a job because you know what you need to do to find the job.  You can see your plan in your mobile phone and have all the support gathered together in one place.

Activities that inspire

The idea of the activities is that they will inspire, educate and make it easier for you get into working and social life. It is a good idea to read more about the activities you can do in the introduction programme.

Things you can do in the introduction programme