Support for newcomers to Sweden

Arbetsförmedlingen offers support to newcomers to Sweden, to help you find work and integrate into Swedish society.

Things we can help you with

Our services are aimed at all job seekers in Sweden who have the legal right to work here. We can help you with things such as:

  • finding jobs to apply for
  • getting Swedish language lessons
  • finding a suitable training or education programme
  • trying out different jobs to show your skills
  • learning about what it’s like to work and live in Sweden
  • finding out where in Sweden you’ll have the best chances of finding a job.

Have you recently received a residence permit?

As soon as you have received a residence permit, you’re welcome to contact us. You’re entitled to the same services as any other Swedish job seeker. 

Contact us

Work experience placements for residence permit holders

If you live at one of the Swedish Migration Agency’s housing facilities and have been granted a residence permit, we can offer you a work experience placement programme. Please note that you need to have a Swedish social security number or a co-ordination number to receive a placement.

Read more about the work experience placement programme

If you’ve been granted a residence permit as an asylum seeker, a person with subsidiary protection status or a relative

Then you may be entitled to so called “introduction activities”. They are designed to help you learn Swedish, find a job, and become self-sufficient as quickly as possible. Watch the film below to learn more about how we can help you, and how the introduction activities work.

If you’ve been granted a permanent residence permit

You can read more about what this means on the Swedish Migration Agency’s website.

About permanent residence on the Swedish Migration Agency's website

Activites and programs

If you’re entitled to introduction activities you may also be eligible to other forms of support aimed to help you get a job. Below, we’ve listed the various kinds of support that we may offer newcomers to Sweden. Contact us to find out exactly what applies to you.

Supported work experience with a supervisor
Practical foundation year
Trainee jobs
Labour market training programme
Support while starting a business
Job experience
Special recruitment incentive in the shape of entry recruitment incentive
New start jobs
Special employment subsidy
Vocational introduction employment

Are you an asylum seeker waiting for a decision on your asylum application?

When you apply for asylum in Sweden, it’s wise to prepare both for being allowed to stay in Sweden and for your application to be rejected. If your application for asylum is approved, you will need to learn Swedish, find a job, and become self-sufficient as quickly as possible. We’re here to help you get started.

Establishing yourself and working in Sweden

Do you need help to be able to participate in our activities?

It’s important that you participate in the activities that are designed to help you get a job. If you have a health issue or disability that affects your studies, work or activities, you need to tell us about it. We will then work with you to determine what kind of help you need to be able to participate in the activities. Read more about it in the leaflet.

Information about the employability rehabilitation programme


Get ready to work in Sweden!

Ikon för

Jobskills is a digital tool where you share your work experience and skills.

Read more about Jobskills

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Report absence

If you have an introduction plan, you can report your absence here. This is for absence through illness or to care for a sick child (VAB).  

Report absence

Monthly Statement

If you have an introduction activities plan (etableringsplan), then you can fill out and submit a digital version of your monthly report here.

User manual for submitting Monthly Statement online

What kind of support can I expect?

Many different factors affect the kinds of support that Arbetsförmedlingen can offer you. Two important factors are whether you have a residence permit or not and which country you’re from.

Contact us to find out what is available to you.

Contact us

Information about Swedish society

Information Sverige is a website for newcomers to Sweden, with quick and easy access to information about Swedish society.

Guidance for immigrants with college/university graduates

Omstart is a website about the Swedish labour market for college/university level graduates from outside Sweden.

Recognition of foreign qualifications in Sweden

The Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR) evaluates foreign qualifications in order to provide support for people looking for work in Sweden, people who wish to continue studying, or for employers who wish to employ someone with foreign qualifications.

UHR - Recognition of foreign qualifications