Efficient Employment Service in Albania

Project objectives

To promote a better functioning of the Albanian labour market and a growth of the employment in the country, by help of a more efficient and effective National Employment Service.
I: Improve the quality of services at the National Employment Service in Albania,
II: Develop a new management labour market information system (LMI) at the NES as a basis for developing a  result-based management model.
III: Launch a new staff training model for the NES.
IV: Improve communication and co-ordination, both internally within the NES and externally with all stakeholders

Project partners

Arbetsförmedlingen and the National Employment Service of Albania.

Project description

The project activities were centred on an improvement of working methods introducing group work methods at the Employment Offices and the introduction of an IT based information system containing a Vacancy Bank and a Job Seeker Register.


The project started in June 2004 and was concluded in December 2008.

Project financing

The project was commissioned and financed by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).


  can be obtained from: Arbetsförmedlingen/International Affairs/Development Cooperation Unit

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